My Story – Maggie

Hello! I’m Maggie!

My real name is Little Maggie Sunshine. I’m Dave and Amy’s very first dog. Man did they pick a handful for a first dog!

You couldn’t tell by this sweet innocent picture of me that they call me “The Beast” could you? I’m not entirely sure why I got my nickname, but it has stuck with me. Other nicknames that I’ve had, hmm, “fuzzy lumpkin”, “Maggles”, “Muffin” (I hated that one) and “Sweet Pea” (not real fond of that either).Being Maggie isn’t easy. I have many duties and responsibilities around the house, especially being the oldest and most of all being the boss bitch.

Sometimes my people get out of line and they must be disciplined. I have a brother and two sisters (they really aren’t blood relatives, but I allow them to live with me). They are Charles, Jessie and Sam.  I love them all very much, but again, I’m responsible for keeping them in line and let me tell you, I rule with an iron paw!

Charles is my best buddy at the house. I met him when Mom and Dad were looking for a brother for me. I met a lot of boys along the way, but they just weren’t Charles. He and I hit it off immediately when we went to his house. Charles was a little bit older when he came to live with us, he was around 10 months and I was a year and a half, which means I was far more mature than he was and had to be the grown up. I’m sure you all know how that goes. Anyway, when he came to live with us I was one happy girl. We ‘rassled and played a lot! Charles is a great brother.

Jessie on the other hand is a little brown terrorist. I’m positive that she didn’t sleep until she was four years old and had a litter of pups. She sure was active and bossy as a pup. She’s all growed up now and she’s a little bit better.

While we are on the topic of Jessie’s pups, I thought I’d tell a bit of a story about them. There was one little pup named Jack that found out a secret about me. He found out that I was like a giant squeak toy. He found this out when we were all outside playing with the puppies in the back yard.So there I am, standing there minding my own business and bam, Jack comes running up under me and tries to grab one of my spickets. Let me set the record straight, I’m not his mom and I didn’t have anything he could possibly want, but he grabbed me anyway. I let out a big “yipe” and went running up the stairs to the deck. From that day forward Jack saw it as a game to squeak me and run. I’m still not happy with that little dog!

Sam is the new girl in town. At 4 months old, she is very, shall we say, active? Actually, she’s a spaz, but that’s ok, I guess I was one also. Sam is huge for her age and I’m not entirely sure that she’s really all that bright, but she seems to really like me and lays with me when I’m not feeling well. I think she’ll be a pretty good sister.I’m a pretty good hunting dog also. My dad takes me out hunting a couple of times a year. We really don’t kill anything (mainly because Dad is a terrible shot), we just chase the birds in the woods. I really have fun.Dad says that the best thing about me is that I have an early warning system for birds. When I get within 50 yards of a bird, I start to drool like crazy. Sometimes instincts are embarrassing.

All in all chasing birds is a whole bunch of fun.These days I spend my time hanging out with my dad and going for walks and
watching over my Kingdom.

Even at the age of 10+ my hearing and senses are still excellent. I can hear a potato chip bag at 75 yards and can smell what the neighbors are having for dinner on the deck next door. Who says I’m losing a step?If you’re looking for me, check the little hill in the backyard. I’m usually there checking out the breeze and guarding my house. It’s by far the best spot in the neighborhood!That’s about it for now. Go check out the rest of the website so I can get some sleep!

Owners Note

Maggie passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on April 30th 2000 after a long battle with a form of auto-immune encephalitis. She was diagnosed in July of 1999 and had many great days playing at the game farm chasing birds as well as running and playing with Charles and Jessie.

She was also around to help train Sam in the early and formative months of her life with us. She has trained Sam to be in her own image, which has it’s upsides and downsides. She also passed the torch of being “Dad’s dog” on to Sam, a responsibility that Sam takes quite seriously. If a little dog ever had a hero, Maggie was definitely Sam’s hero. She spent hours just snuggled up with her under the desk or wherever Maggie decided to take a snooze. It was one of the few times that Sam stopped moving.

We’d like to take a minute here to thank some folks that made Maggie’s life a bit easier her last year. Her vets at Chaska Valley Vet, Dr. Gail Geiske & Dr. Jane Zubay, were simply wonderful. Her neurologist at the University of Minnesota , Dr. McVey and his staff, were extraordinary. The simple fact was, there was little they could do to cure her, but they did make her comfortable and as normal as possible for the remainder of her life. Their skills allowed her to go hunting a few final times. They also were kind & gentle with her “parents & siblings”. Thanks to all of you.Maggie was one of the great loves of our life. She is one friend that we’ll never forget. She shaped our lives in many ways, it’s strange to say that about a dog, but it’s true. Without her, we would never have gotten into Brittanys , nor would we have met many of the terrific people we have over the years.

We know that she’ll be waiting at the Bridge for us with her mom, brothers and sisters & all of her friends when our time comes. Until that time, we’ll all miss her dearly.We love you very much Maggie

.-Dave & Amy
Charles, Jessie & Sam
May 2000

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