My Story – Penny

Hello, I’m Penny and I’m the newest addition to the Pluth household.  I currently reside in the former crate of the one they called “the Brown Dog”.  Apparently the crate is reserved for the more colorful dogs of the household!  You see, I’m what they call a roan Brittany.  It means that I’m very spotty but quite beautiful all at t

he same time (look up roan in the dictionary and I swear that’s what it says!).

I came here from Idaho via Montana via New Mexico and was dropped off in Wisconsin where my new dad picked me up.  It was kind of funny because my real Dad was at the place that they picked me up.  Small world, isn’t it?

Anyway a bit about me (my favorite topic).  I love to run.  I love to run a lot.  I also like to spring like a little deer when I run.  My dad says that I’m very funny and remind him a lot of Sam when she was little.  I’m very fast but as of today, I don’t like birds all that much.  That may change (Sam told me that) but even if it doesn’t I still like going to the farm to run around and carry things around (they have excellent sticks there).

So far I’ve gone through a couple of obedience classes.  Two of them were for puppies.  I liked those a lot because you always got to play at the end of class.  We also got to go on some small agility equipment.  I really liked that and hope that I get to go on the grown-up version like Murphy and Abby do.  That is so fun!

Right now I’m in a grown-up obedience class that my dad is taking me through.  The instructor yells at my dad a lot because she says that she see something called “potential” in me.  I don’t know what exactly that means but its funny to see him get yelled at for a change!  I can’t say that I love going to class but I really do like the treats that you get at class.  Yum!!

That’s all for now!  Keep checking in to see what new adventures I’ve had.  I’ll write often!

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