My Story – Murphy


I’m Murphy!

I get called a lot of things around here.  Smurf, Smurfy, Papa Smurf and some names I can’t really mention here (but only when I pee in the house and stuff like that).  The girls I live with basically just growl at me (except Abby, she bites me) so I guess to them my name is rrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Well I was born in Michigan and I came to live in Minnesota when I was 3 months old.  My new Mom picked me out because I was cute when I was sleeping (silly her) in the picture they sent of me.  Little did she know how little I actually sleep!

Anyway, my new Mom and her sister picked me up at a truck-stop in Indiana and took to my new home.  It was a really long ride!

When I got here I immediately took to my new sister Abby (ok she’s really my Aunt but that is a story for another time).  Abby would play biteface with me and wrestle with me.  The big dog Sam just growled at me.  I think she really wanted to play with me but didn’t really know how.

Then there was the old dog Jessie.  Jessie looked a lot like my real Mom.  She was brown and very pretty.  She also must know something about puppies because she put me right in my place, no questions asked.

After much debate at the house a “call name” was picked for me.  What’s a call name you might ask?  That is the name that is screamed at you when you are doing something wrong to get your attention.  The name they chose for me (after several hundred possibilities) was Murphy.  When I heard it I liked it so I guess I’m happy with it.  It was also better than a few of the possibilities that were thrown out there.  I don’t need no sissy name that the other dogs would point and laugh at!

My real name took a bit longer.  They tried combinations with my Dad’s name, my Mom’s name and even some of my relative’s names and nothing seemed to click.

Finally they settled on “Rock Solid’s Wish You Were Here”.  I thought that was kind of cool.  My human’s told me that it was a song by a band called “Pink Floyd”.  At that point I was just glad they didn’t name me Floyd!

I get to do a lot of cool stuff these days.   During the summer we get to go to the farm 4-5 nights a week and run.  I so love to run.  In my early days I would top out at around 28 mph.  I’ve slowed a bit as I’ve gotten older but my Dad always talks about how he loves to ride the four wheeler and watch be fly through the field.  I have to admit, I like doing the running!

During the winter I do a lot of obedience and agility stuff.  I like obedience, well actually I love to work and stay busy, it keeps me out of trouble and there are usually treats involved.  In the last year I’ve gotten my CD (companion dog) and RN (rally novice) titles.

There was a mean lady at our last event that told my dad about the terrible experience she had with Brittanys and how she would never do that again.  Apparently she had never seen me.  All the judges and people that I train with like me because I really want to work and I love training.  It is a really good time.  I have lots of friends there and there are major babes there as well that are very nice and well behaved.  You gotta love that.


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