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We are Dave & Amy Pluth . Our family is currently four Brittanys , Sam, Abby, Murphy and Penny.  We have had Brittanys for over 22 years.

We compete in conformation, obedience, rally obedience, agility,  field trials, hunt tests, shoot to retrieve as well as having two dogs that are certified therapy dogs.

We have bred one litter of puppies.  Breeding isn’t something we strive to do nor wish to do often.  As of this writing our last litter is 16 years old and two of the old guys are still going strong.  We are quite proud of that.

Our first Brittany was Maggie. She was probably the smartest one we have had so far because you could pretty much teach her to do anything and then she would do whatever she wanted to do instead.

Our friend Jackie introduced us to the show world and we decided that we would like to find a dog that we could show.  Jackie had Shih Tzu’s and they were frankly a lot of work to maintain.  We decided to stick with what we knew and loved.

Enter Charles. Charles was a show dog through and through.  He loved everything about showing and being on the road.  We spent 35 weekends out with him in 1993 and had him ranked as high as #5 in the country.  While his hobby was showing he was also a great house dog and Amy’s little buddy (stalker) first and foremost.  Late in life we found that he had a great nose and loved to hunt.  Our biggest regret with him is that we didn’t discover this sooner.  Charles passed at almost 16 years old the day after running at the trainers.

Jessie came next because we wanted to try a liver Brittany to show. The time spent on the road in the United States and Canada introduced us to many wonderful people who are still our friends today.  Jessie was the first dog that we did hunt tests with and she loved it.  Being bought to be a show dog didn’t matter to her, her calling was being out in the field every day.  She loved it and we just wish we would have started sooner with her.  Jessie passed at nearly 17 years old, hunting until her dieing day.

Sam arrived arrived after a four year wait for her breeding.  Sam came at the worst possible time.  Maggie was extremely sick and was only with us for two months after we got Sam.  Sam worshiped her.  The only time she stopped moving was to lay as close as she could to Maggie.  When Maggie passed Sam seemed to take on her role as Dave’s guardian and constant companion which she still has today.  Sam was also our first full fledged obedience dog but you can read more about that in her About Sam section.

Abby arrived as Charles was getting older.  We wanted Sam to have a sister to hang with if we lost the older dogs.  Charles was probably 14 and Jessie 13 when Abby arrived.  Abby pretty much fit right in.  She loved to go to the farm and go hunting.  After Charles passed Abby assumed his role of Amy’s constant companion.  When Jessie passed a few years later Abby assumed the pack leader role on the dog side.

Murphy came to us when Jessie was 15.  We think his reason for being here was to play with Jessie.  I have never seen a puppy that so loved an old dog.  Murphy kept her young until the day she died.  Murphy is a very biddable dog.  After a rough start we did some intense training with him to bring him into line.  From that day forward he because a model citizen.  He competes at all forms of hunting, obedience as well as having his show championship.  He loves to work at whatever it is he is asked to do.  He can now be found with Dave doing some form of training or being a demo dog for obedience classes where Dave teaches.

Penny is our newest addition.  After Murphy turned 5 we decided that it was time to introduce a pup into the household to allow us to start working on the next generation of Rock Solid Brittanys.  Penny is a really loving little girl who wants to please you more than anything in the world.  She is also the toughest little dog that won’t take no for an answer.  She has a long way to go and big paws to fill with the other dogs but most of the fun of life is the journey and we look forward to that journey with her.

Amy has been doing a lot of field work with Abby and Murphy and agility and obedience with Abby.  It keeps her quite busy.

Dave is teaching Beginners Obedience at Bloomington Obedience and has been competing with Sam and Murphy in various obedience venues.  Dave is still doing a lot of field training and as always is looking forward to the upcoming training season!

We are thankful for our time in dogs and to the many people that have gone out of their way to help us.  We have made many great “dog friends” over the years and we look forward to see all of them at the many events we attend each year.

Thanks for visiting our website. Feel free to contact us anytime!  We are always willing to help.

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