DC/AFC Duncan's Place Your Bet JH "Dealer"

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Original Artwork by Herb Park

Dealer’s Story

Dealer is the result of 15 years and 4 generations of careful planning and breeding. 

I had my third generation and first Dual Champion with “DC/AFC Kacie’s Sir Duncan of Dash MH” and I really wanted a puppy out of him. Some field trial/show friends of mine, Ron & Kathy Gulembo of Hudsonville, Michigan had a litter of pups on the ground when Duncan was six years old and they offered me pick-of-the-litter.  The timing was perfect so when the pups were six weeks old I went to their home and after several hours chose a female.  Two weeks later she came home with me.  I figured I had two to three years to put as many titles on her as possible, confirm she passed her OFA certification, and then breed her to Duncan to produce my fourth generation pup.  Her parents were “DC Hi Point’s Best Bet” and “DC/AFC Hi Point’s On The Fly”.  So I called this pup “≡Bet’n She’ll Fly” aka Delta – and boy did she fly!  By the age of 3-1/2 Delta herself was a DC.  The breeding took place, nine pups were born and I chose a male pup to keep.  He became “Duncan’s Place Your Bet” aka “Dealer”

Dealer proved to be everything I was hoping for and more.  He earned his puppy points in the field right away so I started showing him in confirmation.  He was the typical leggy and clumsy looking teenager so he didn’t win much at first.  But he grew out of that and turned into the handsome boy you see today.   With that development came the wins and in March 2004 at just over two years old, he finished his CH title.  In between showing, Dealer ran in some Derby stakes and earned his Derby points in the field too.  

At two years old it was time to start growing up and stop chasing birdies so the breaking process began.  In September 2005 Dealer earned his first adult placement, a fourth in an Open All Age stake.  In October he earned his first Adult Blue and in December, just before turning four years old, he earned his Field Champion and Dual Champion titles by winning an Open Gun Dog stake.  What a day!  My third DC and a DC out of my DC Duncan!  Wow – a breeder’s dream come true.  Let me tell you, we celebrated big at the next field trial!

Dealer is now working toward his AFC title.  The trials are tuff these days, so he just has to put it all together again, but I’m sure he will and when he does, he’ll be rewarded with that AFC title.

Dealer’s not only a bird-dog, as you can see from the pictures he wears many hats…. surrogate mother, big brother, teacher, playmate, nap-mate, and most of all, my best buddy!

Dealer Update...
In March 2007 Dealer took Runner-up in teh Michigan Brittany Shooting Dog Championship and in September 2007 he finished his Amateur Field Championship title so Dealer is now a Dual Champion and Amateur Field Champion.

DC Duncan’s Place Your Bet JH
2002 & 2003 Western Michigan Brittany Club - Show Dog of the Year
2002 & 2003 Western Michigan Brittany Club - Dual Dog Award

2007 Michigan Brittany Shooting Dog Championship – Runner-Up

Dealer’s story has only just begun…


On Point

Another View

From the front

Dogshow Dealer

Dealer backing Delta

Daisy - Delta - Dealer

A break in the action

This is how we dig a hole.

Hey Watch it!

Puppies will wear you out!

Nurse Dealer helps with the pups

My job is done here.
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